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Quantum Energy Coaching

With QEC it has become easier than ever before to vocalize and actualize new positive choices, desires and changes into your life. 
QEC prompts the structure of the brain to create the new nerve connections. 
Inducing Gamma waves into the brain creates "Peak States", in which the installation of your new positive choices can easily be performed. (Superlearning) 
We will be utilizing Muscle testing to ascertain the succesfulness of each installation.  

If you were handed a magic stick, what would you use it for? 
QEC opens a possibility for creating changes in any area of your life. 
Perhaps you are aware of conditions and beliefs that are no longer serving you, and that need to go.
Or you are perhaps moving house, starting a new job or process or entering a new phase of excistance and would like to set up new possibilities in the creation of your future life. 


Online Zoom QEC sessions. 

QEC session,   90 min:          180 €

QEC Package,   3 sessions:  310 €

For booking, contact Ageha Prem:
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In Clinic sessions are available in Copenhagen (Different pricing) 

This is how a QEC session typically proceeds: 
Tell me something about what area of your life you would like to bringe changes to, such as family life, relations, work, sadnesses, disappointments, desires and wishes. Unresolved conflicts, shame, vorries, fears, diseases, anything that creates obstacles for your joy, positivity and health. 

Together we will compose sentences and statements, that cover what you would like your reality to be like. 
Each of your new positive choices can now easily be "installed" with the dynamic QEC process.
You will not need to go into kind of hypnosis or a trance. You will be fully awake and conscious throughout the entire session. 

QEC was created by Dr. Melanie Salmon, inspired by the other processes and systems for consciousness, such as Gestalt, Heartmath, Cohesive Breathing, Peak States and Superlearning. 
We will be muscletesting each statement as we move along.  
Nothing can truly be "installed" into your brain, that does not precisely correspond to your innermost wishes. 

Tip: QEC combined with TRE enhances both processe, just like a double edged sword. (Trauma Release Exercises
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